Thursday, December 16, 2004

The journey begins

Sometime ago browsing for books in the local library, I chanced upon a book which listed the 50 best hikes in the world. Out of curiosity, I opened the book and was drawn to a picture taken in the mountains of Peru. The picture was of the peak of Jirishanca, a peak towering up to one sharp pinnacle point across a chasm of precipices. At the bottom of the picture was a beautiful green meadow and a very tiny little tent. I amused myself for a while making imaginary trips to the places photographed in the book. I cast myself in the role of a modern day female Tintin starring in my own mini Adventure series. ‘Tintin in Tibet’ and ‘Tintin and the Prisoners of the Sun’ did much to get me inspired. Back to the real world though, my plans were vague but the idea of taking a length of time off from work to travel was born.


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